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Dreamers & doers.
Heart-led & human.

Meet our team of talented, creative, results-achieving social profit warriors.


Jolene Livingston

Founder and Chief Vision Officer

As founder and Chief Vision Officer of Bespoke Social Profit Solutions, Jolene Livingston brings more than 25 years of wide-ranging experience, fuelled by a lifelong passion for the social sector, to helping clients become significant players in the safety and vitality of their communities.


Steffan Jones

Chief, Innovation & Partnerships

Core Expertise:

Partnerships, Strategy, Facilitation

Jeni Piepgrass

Chief Client Officer

Core Expertise:

Fundraising, Strategy

Jessilyn Forigo

Executive Director, Engagement

Core Expertise:

Strategy, Engagement, Brand, Fundraising


Meagan Podilchak

Fundraising Strategist

Core Expertise:

Strategy, Fundraising

Jessica Freeman

Fundraising Specialist

Core Expertise:

Strategy, Fundraising

Marcela Zafra

Marketing Strategist

Core Expertise:

Digital Engagement, Brand, Community Building


Kate Middleton

Operations Manager

Core Expertise:

Business Administration, People Management


Isabelle Daigneault

Core Expertise:

Governance, Brand

Kim Kadatz

Core Expertise:

Development, Strategy

Lyndsay Wasko

Core Expertise:


Sky England

Core Expertise:

Project Management, Communications