Jeni Piepgrass

Jeni Piepgrass gained nearly 20 years of experience in the social profit sector prior to her role as Chief Client Officer with Bespoke Social Profit Solutions. Her mission is to drive success by helping clients achieve their visions for making the world a better, more vibrant and more supportive place. She is a passionate advocate for Bespoke’s clients and for the social profit sector as a whole.

Jeni’s career includes successful capital campaigns, project management and levering innovative social finance tools to deliver community impact. Based in Calgary, she led the Glenbow Reimagined Campaign, which has raised over $173 million to date. She also headed the team that raised over $135 million for the construction of Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre.

Friends and colleagues appreciate Jeni’s wide-ranging trivia knowledge almost as much as her baking skills. A voracious consumer of ideas, she loves perusing bookstores and listening to thought-provoking podcasts—her current favourites are Literature and History, Radiolab, and the Criterion Institute.