We hope you can join us for our free webinar, With Big Gifts Come Great Responsibility on May 24.

In the social profit world, a transformational gift is often viewed as a golden ticket. But with big gifts come great responsibility, for organizations and for donors. We have all seen the headlines of seemingly well-intentioned gifts that ended in controversy or public scrutiny. When donations are badly needed (always) and you are trying to do a good thing, we can have blinders on to potential risks. 

This webinar will discuss how organizations and donors can make sure major donations do good and don’t end badly –for the beneficiary or the benefactor. We will look at real-life case studies where things went awry and explore questions like: 

  • Do you (really) know your donors and their intentions? 
  • Do you have the risk management and structure in place to execute on a big gift? 
  • If you are a donor, is the organization ready and able to execute on a transformational investment? 

Our guest, the accomplished and highly entertaining Marc Tassé, has built his career on detecting and preventing unethical behaviour. As a forensic accountant, he worked on undercover cases for organizations like Interpol. Marc’s experience and sense of humour make ethics captivating. Marc is a professor of ethics and governance at the University of Ottawa, lectures at places like Harvard and McGill, and has served on several large non-profit boards as a Financial Auditing and Risk Management advisor. 

We’re over the moon that Marc has offered to spend some time with our network. You can register here!