Bespoke Non-Profit Solutions is ending the year with a more robust team than ever before. From starting off as just two seven years ago, Bespoke finishes 2020 with a multi-faceted team of nine social entrepreneurs, each bringing her own expertise to the field of non-profit fundraising, management and strategy.

As we all come to the end of a grueling year, Bespoke sets its sights on strengthening the influence non-profits have on public policy and society’s road to recovery. Our intimate understanding of the industry’s breadth and its potential to effect change emboldens our approach to helping clients make a real and measurable difference in the communities they serve.

With a growing variety of clients, we saw the need for additional expertise in strategic planning, project management and communications. Suzanne Waddell offers incredible knowledge in these areas thanks to 15 years of experience in media, public relations, corporate and crisis communications, marketing,  and event planning with organizations that include WestJet, Mount Royal University and CBC.

Suzanne’s innovative solutions help clients make lasting connections with their donors and in the broader community. What’s more, her positive energy, enviable organization and infectious enthusiasm make every meeting both effective and fun.

In keeping with the concept of levity—something we could all use about now—Bespoke recently decided to invest in the proliferation of positivity. By that, we mean, sharing and celebrating what brings us each joy. For this, we needed not only a social media guru, but an outgoing spirit who would help us remember who we are outside of work. We found this combination of skill and passion in Mount Royal student, Kelsie Smale, who is currently in the final year of her public relations and marketing degree.

We’ve always believed there’s value in seeing each and every person as an individual who exists beyond their professional skills. Kelsie is here to help us live by that philosophy.

Bespoke’s team thrives on diversity and challenge with an over-arching goal of demonstrating the impact the non-profit sector has on every community. With our additional expertise on board, we see 2021 as a year for great growth and achievement for both us and our clients.