Marla Heim

Marla Heim

With 10 years in the for-profit sector, Marla Heim has developed expertise in project management, data management, client relations, research and technical editing. Educated in both the physical and social sciences, she offers Bespoke a unique perspective on philanthropic strategy and management.

Marla has held roles as project manager, division manager and physical scientist for companies such as AXYS Environmental Consulting (now Stantec Consulting) and Gartner Lee Ltd. (now AECOM).

In the last three years at Gartner Lee, she served as the assistant to the VP of Business Development. This role involved collecting, synthesizing and disseminating information to support executive management and decision-making. One of Marla’s achievements involved the development of a web-based tool to allow VPs company-wide to manage documents and budgets.

At Bespoke, Marla provides project support, helps develop and maintain internal accounting, accountability and tracking systems, as well as fresh-eye reviews of client deliverables.

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary, a Bachelor of Science from Queen’s University and a Master of Science in soil science from the University of Saskatchewan.