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Alison Myers

Alison Myers

Alison Myers has been telling stories since the day she opened her mouth, only these days it’s for the power of good, not to get her sister in trouble. Her work with Bespoke focuses on translating our clients’ work into engaging, relatable stories for both internal purposes and to share with the donor community. She is a literary chameleon, able to effectively shift her style from witty and approachable to emotive and sophisticated, depending on what the project demands.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is the chance to meet new people and hear about their lives, passions and interests. I’m fascinated by how we can all bring such unique perspectives to how we live with and relate to each other. My goal with my writing is to help us all better understand and appreciate those differences.”

Before Bespoke

Alison worked as an award-winning National Reporter for CBC Radio, a job that took her to Washington, Ottawa, London, the Vancouver Olympics, and to the Northwest Territories for a special project on Indigenous youth. As a freelance writer, she has enjoyed working with ATB Financial, SAIT, the Calgary Zoo and the University of Calgary, as well as several local and national journalistic publications.